Where are you located?

I live in Scottsdale, Arizona… BUT I love to travel, so if Arizona isn’t your thing, don’t count yourself out. I am available for travel, both around the U.S. and out of the country!

Do you do photography, or just videography?

Great question… while my passion began initially with videography, the answer is BOTH. When I first picked up a camera, I dove straight into video. Something about capturing a full experience through a lens, then being able to relive those experiences later on, really appealed to me. Through finding that passion and trying to find different ways to challenge myself creatively, came a love for photography as well. Beyond my passion for videography and photography is my passion for STORYTELLING and evoking emotion. Videography and photography are actually just two outlets that allow me to express myself and tell stories creatively.

How much do you charge?

Every project and every client’s needs are very different. Price varies and depends on the specific project at hand and its many variables. To request a quote, send me an email and let’s get the conversation going!
Wedding video packages start at $2,300

What’s your turn around time?

With each unique project comes a unique timeline that will be established in the pre-production stage. Typically, photo galleries will be delivered within 2-3 weeks of shooting. Wedding videos will be delivered within 4-6 weeks of shooting.

What is the process like? How do I book?

Are you a brand? Entrepreneur? Musician? Couple? Wandering solo badass? It all starts with a creative call, coffee date, or happy hour. This is our time to get to know each other. I want to know your story. We will dive into what you are looking for in a videographer / photographer. What ideas do you want to implement? What messages do you want to convey through our work together? Is this a project for a giant corporate company, or is this a personal photo session for your eyes only? From here, we will decide if we are a good match for each other. If we decide to move forward, we will lay out a plan of attack… to take on the world (if you’re into that kind of thing). A 50% deposit and signed contract will make it official, and just like that, we’re best friends. I will be there for you throughout the entire process of planning and pre-production, through filming / shooting, and post-production. I am always a text, email, or phone call away!

Do I have permission to post the photos and videos given to me?

Yes, yes, and one more… yaaaas! I love seeing my clients share my work, both photos and videos. As long as I am correctly credited / tagged, and no additional manipulation or editing has been done to the content, please post away!

I’m so awkward in front of the camera…SOS

Yo…same. But really! It’s okay to feel a little intimidated by the camera at first, in fact, it’s totally normal. Take a deep breath. In…. and out…. Good. Before we get started, we’ll take some time to unwind… maybe even over a cocktail, glass of wine, whatever floats your boat. I will be there every step of the way (speaker in hand) to help guide and direct you through the process. The most important thing is that these photos represent YOU. I want them to tell a story; your story. I want you to look back on your photos and say, “damn this is so me!” So, what does that mean for you? Is there a specific outfit you feel confident and sexy in? Wear it. Do you have a photogenic doggo you want included? Bring it. These photos are going to last, like…forever, so let’s make something magical that is true to YOU.