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For Brynn, art imitates life. She lives hers independently, deliberately, originally, and on the fucking edge.

She first discovered her love for videography while traveling abroad, and used a string of jobs at international travel brands to build her portfolio and develop her skillset. Self-taught, prepared with hard-earned knowledge and ready to leave behind corporate’s creative limitations, Brynn returned home to Phoenix, and launched her own video and photography business.

Now specializing in fashion and beauty, Brynn creates art on her own terms. Her work challenges the status quo through juxtaposing contrasting elements and drawing inspiration from the dark, the mundane and the unexpectedly raw.

Brynn’s work tells her clients’ stories while mixing in elements of her own — her grit, her spontaneity and her unapologetic originality. Brynn strives to elevate her clients, sharing their story from a vantage point of rebellious freedom, that is grounded in the seriousness with which she takes her craft.

Each time she gazes through her lens, Brynn doesn’t only see her next project, she sees an opportunity to push her client, herself ,and her industry further towards the edge.